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Aug 05, 2017

ooVoo is a video chat and instant messaging app for the desktop, mobile, tablets, Facebook, and web. ooVoo lets you chat 12-way for FREE anytime, anywhere.


12-way video call is always FREE!

  • ooVoo makes it easy to have a video call with those you want to keep connected with. Video chat face-to-face anytime with your ooVoo contacts or have a free browser-based online video call with friends who aren't on ooVoo yet. Video call up to twelve friends, family members or colleagues at the same time - with video quality that's like being face-to-face in the same room.

Group Video

  • Use ooVoo's group video to video chat with up to 12 people at one time on a call. Simply start a call and then add contacts from your contact list. All platforms including PC, Mac*, Facebook, Android and iOS currently support the group video chat experience.
  • ooVoo's group video feature is the only service that lets you have 12 video windows for FREE. Don't forget to invite people to ooVoo so that you can enjoy being together with more friends.

Web call with up to 12 people FREE

  • Keep in touch with friends and family with free web calling on ooVoo. With ooVoo, you can Web Call anyone using your personal web call link. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, or send it in an email or IM. No download is required; simply post your group video call link to the people you want to see. In a single click, your friend can join you in a live video chat.

Video Chat Room service is always FREE!

  • ooVoo's video chat room feature allows you to embed a video chat into your website, blog or social network. Video chat rooms help you keep in touch with a community, friends or family. Any time you wish to speak to someone it's as easy as meeting them in your own dedicated video chat room.

HD/High Resolution Video

  • ooVoo video calls using HD video is so amazing, you have to see it to believe the clarity and quality. Don't have an HD camera but one that supports 640x480 resolution, then use High Resolution video and get super video clarity!

Full Screen Mode service is always FREE!

  • More realistic and life-like video call – like you’re there in-person.
  • Communicate better and express more with bigger video.
  • Easily control call settings without leaving full screen mode.

Video Call Recording

  • Record your ooVoo Video chats to create instant memories.
  • Save your video chats as AVI, FLV or HTML embedded video.
  • Upgrade your ooVoo account and get a 1,000 storage minutes - share your recorded video chats with anyone, anywhere.

Video messages up to 5 minutes are always FREE!

  • Use Video Messages just as you would use your email account - except instead of typing a message, you record a video of yourself. You can send Video messages to people who are on ooVoo, and those who haven't yet joined.