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Internet Explorer 11.0.9

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Windows 7 + 64bit
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June 11, 2014
Latest Version
Internet Explorer 11.0.9
Old Versions
Internet Explorer 11.0.7
Internet Explorer 11.0
Internet Explorer 10.0
Internet Explorer 9.0
Internet Explorer 8.0 (XP)

Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser in the World today. It supports the latest Internet technologies like RSS feeds, Ajax, ActiveX controls, and many more.

Streamlined design

  • The first thing you'll notice when you open Internet Explorer 9 is the compact user interface.

Pinned Sites

  • If you visit certain webpages regularly, Pinned Sites allows you access them directly from the taskbar on your Windows 7 desktop.


Download Manager

  • Download Manager is a powerful new feature that keeps a running list of the files you download from the Internet and notifies you when a file could be malicious.

Enhanced tabs

  • Tabbed browsing allows you to move easily between multiple open webpages in a single window.

New Tab page

  • The redesigned New Tab page displays the sites you visit most often and color codes them for quick navigation.

Search in the address bar

  • You can now search directly from the address bar.

And Others

  • Notification Bar, Add-on Performance Advisor and Hardware acceleration.