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CursorFX 2.11

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Windows XP | 7 | 8 | Server 2003 | 2008 + 64bit
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June 06, 2013

CursorFX is a program that allows users to change their standard Windows mouse cursors to fully animated, alpha-blended mouse cursors that just look great. Fluid animation, alpha blended smoothness and special effects that look good and improve the ease of use of Windows (such as resizing mouse cursors on the fly, adding button click events, etc.).



  • CursorFX can assign a multitude of effects for mouse events that can provide useful feedback and some visual flavor to your PC.


  • Users have a great deal of control over how the mouse cursor is displayed. The color, opacity and size can easily be adjusted on the fly. Even the shadows can be modified including dynamic shadows that allow users to set light sourcing onto cursors.

Movement Smoothness

  • One of the coolest features of CursorFX is movement smoothness. Movement smoothness takes advantage of modern hardware to give cursors an adjustable amount of inertia. It's a feature found commonly in PC games that makes precise mouse control easier. Some might argue that if CursorFX did nothing visual but simply did this that it would be worth using just for this feature alone.

Others Features

  • CursorFX allows users to edit their mouse cursors right from within the program.
  • Create your own CursorFX themes by importing .PNG files as your cursors. Animated cursors are simply .PNG files with frames of animation (use the editor to tell CursorFX how many frames are in your .PNG file)