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Aug 23, 2015
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Cross DJ Free 3.3.11
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Cross DJ Free is a DJing software developer with some of the most innovative products in the industry. A multiple award winning company offering nothing but the best controller and software for professional DJs.


Cross DJ becomes the perfect software for CDJ-2000NXS users.

  • It’s now possible to use your Cross DJ collection inside rekordbox™. Get the best of both worlds. As Mixvibes develops Pioneer’s rekordbox™, Cross DJ is the only software to offer this compatibility.

Easy sync between Cross DJ and rekordbox.
In rekordbox™, the Cross DJ collection is displayed in the bridge panel. Automatically syncs:

  • Playlists, smartlists, folders, track metadata.
  • Hot cues, memory points, loops (Each hot cue in Cross DJ is saved as a memory point in rekordbox™. Additionally, hot cues 1, 2, 3 are saved as hot cues A, B, C).

Additionally, Cross DJ makes the preparation process easier: test mix tracks on two decks, or set hot cues in seconds using Smart Seek.

So you’re a DJ.

  • A selector, a party-amplifier, a freaking skilled producer. Somebody who has great taste in music. That’s cool. What do you play with? A controller, two turntables, something nice. Maybe a software. But you know it’s not the point. Because the point is: you need to make them dance. (Oh, and this page is about our software. You still need one anyway).

A complete DJ software, at a reasonable price.

  • You got this tune in mind. Load it, kick it. Press Sync to match BPMs. Yes, making a smooth transition is more than easy. Of course, Cross DJ has all the features that other DJ software have. Waveforms, Cue/Play/Sync, mixer, pitch, hot cues, scratching, loops, effects. Everything you need if you’re serious about DJing. And it’s just, how do you say, more affordable.

Kick it with 4 decks.

  • Each deck of Cross DJ is a remix platform to create your own sound. Play with 8 hot-cues and loops. Store, rename and move them back and forth. Jump instantly from one to another. Turn 2 decks into 8-pad samplers. Get creative with the CDJ-like slip mode. Move within the track without skiping a beat with Smart Seek. And put quantize mode on to make sure that everything you do is on the beat. So your mix has this musical groove that makes the girls dance.
  • (Oh and we haven’t talked about the 4 decks. Well, there are 4 decks. It’s nice, especially as there is a special Sync-Link mode where every deck follows the Master, CDJ 2000 Nexus style.)

Same track management as rekordbox™

Cross DJ and rekordbox™ are both developed by Mixvibes' team of developers. rekordbox™ is the software used by 99,99% of pro DJs when they mix in clubs. That’s why Cross DJ is the shortest path from your room to the club.
And in clubs, you know that dancefloor doesn’t lie. The crowd only moves if your beats are synced. So if you’re obsessed with BPM control, you’ll be happy with Cross DJ. It features:

  • parallel waveforms (2 tracks displayed alongside each other)
  • sync-meter (visual feedback for track sync)
  • flexible beat-grid editor (for low-quality and old mp3s)

Playing with controllers

  • DJing is about twisting knobs and pushing faders. That is why every major MIDI controller is already mapped - with flexible user mapping for maximum customization. That is why in Cross DJ, you can control turntables and club standard CDJs. That is why the workflow is similar to all the Pioneer CDJs and rekordbox™. So when you step up in a club, you feel at home. That is also why we designed big waveforms to help you visualize music. One glance at your laptop and you’ll know if this track is going to end soon, or if you can continue talking to this blond girl over there.

Compatible with your soundcard and your software

  • Mixvibes’ philosophy is to be as open as possible. What does it mean? Cross DJ is compatible with every soundcard. You can import music from rekordbox™ or any DJ software, without any third-party software. All it takes is one click. So you can switch and feel at home in seconds.