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A+ Folder Locker Free Edition 1.1

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June 06, 2013

A+ Folder Locker Free Edition also includes a variety of other high-level security features that you can use to protect the information on your computer. Features like Disguise & Hide, which lets you hide files and folders inside photos and other images on your computer.


Files & Folders Locker

  • Protecting your important data, files, and folders against unauthorized access and visibility is quick and easy with A+ Folder Lockers' highly secure lockers. Just choose the files, folders, and/or programs you want to keep other users out of and drop them in a new locker. Every locker you create is securely protected through advanced encryption algorithms and multilevel anti-hacking security, making your lockers virtually impossible to access without your permission.

Hide & Disguise

  • There are times when we need to ensure certain files are kept top secret. Whether it be a critical financial document or a plan for a surprise party for your spouse, A+ Folder Locker's Hide & Disguise feature allows you to save certain information "steganographically." In other words, you can hide a file under the disguise of a photo, or other image on your computer. For example, you can take a sensitive banking document and hide it inside a photo of your pet. If someone clicks on the photo, they'll see nothing more than the image itself. They'll never know there's anything else hiding inside!

Stealth Mode

  • When you find it necessary to use a program like A+ Folder Locker to hide information stored on your computer, it's important to also be able to hide the program itself. That's where Stealth Mode comes in handy! When you set A+ Folder Locker to Stealth Mode, you can hide any and all evidence that the program is running on your computer. With the program completely invisible on your Start menu and desktop, only a specific key combination will make the program reappear...a secret combination that only you know.

File Shredder

  • Deleting files from your computer isn't enough to ensure they stay deleted forever. All it takes is simple file recovery tools and they can be restored. With A+ Folder Locker's File Shredder, you simply right-click on any file or folder you're certain you no longer want on your computer, and it will be "permanently" deleted without any chance of recovery by anyone.

Anti-Hacking Protection

  • When someone tries to hack into your computer, you want to know that you have the protection you need to prevent them from breaking into your lockers. With A+ Folder Locker's Anti-Hacking Protection feature, you can trust that you have that protection! Every locker you create includes multiple levels of anti-hacking security that increases as hacking attempts continue. In addition, the program keeps a log of all hacking attempts that you can review at your convenience

Pattern Password

  • Worried about someone guessing your text password, and use it in gaining access to your lockers? With A+ Folder Locker Pattern Password feature you can put all your worries aside, and start drawing your prefered pattern password for your lockers. Not only Pattern Passwords are virtually impossible to capture using any malware product, they are also impossible to guess as they are only stored in your mind.

Virtual Keyboard

  • One of the most popular methods hackers use to gain access to people's passwords are malware products designed to track keyboard strokes. With A+ Folder Locker's built-in Virtual Keyboard, you don't have to worry about that happening to you. When you use the virtual keyboard to enter your passwords, the data you enter is literary impossible to track, which keeps you protected from hackers attempts